Sessions and more


Open house


01 May 2021

11 am to 6pm

Great vintage tasting

Guided tours through garden, vaults, cellar and manor house

Art exhibition with Heike Lukas


Coffee + cake

Sundays in the garden

13th June 2021 

20th June 2021 

27th June 2021

18th  July 2021

29th August 2021

11 am to 6 pm

Wine tasting in the vaulted cellar

Pleasure walk in the farm garden, guided tours through garden, vault, cellar and manor house

1st brook flower garden of Rheinhessen

Herbal qudrat 

Snack plate, coffee + cake

Autumn market of the Flomborn countrywomen


26 September 2021

from 11 am

Federweisser + onion tart

small wine tasting

Grape harvest festival

Saturday and Sunday

02 and 03 October 2021

from 1 pm

We/you pick grapes by hand & press them.

Price: 19,90 €/person

incl. Snack and wine tasting.

Duration: approx. 4 hours

Registration required

Mulled wine in the cross vault

Friday, December 10, 


from 5 pm

Wine tasting, organic mulled wine and grilled sausage.

Special shopping time

“Welcome to the winery” is the motto on Sundays in May and June and from September till December  from 11.00 to 13.00 o’clock.

Visit us, taste our wines, shop, chat with us, hear what is “new”!

Due to the current situation we ask you to make an appointment in advance if possible.

We are looking forward to meeting you!