About us

Organic Winery

Our winery is a family-owned winery in its sixth generation.

The family house is an old-established manor house, which was stylishly rebuilt in 1907 with stucco ceilings and panelling. Guest rooms designed in art nouveau style are available for tastings, wine seminars and festivities. The barns were built on the remains of a medieval castle. The cross vault cellar houses the wine presentation and sales room.

The vineyards are organically cultivated. Trust in natural processes in a modern wine cellar is the basis for the production of top quality wines. All wines are vegan and certified organic.

The Bernhard-Räder family sees itself as a reliable partner for gastronomy, specialized trade and private customers.

The family, that is Ulla Bernhard-Räder and Rüdiger Räder, Philipp Räder with his wife Alexandra and son Carl, Anna Marie and their cat Cabernet.

Ulla Bernhard-Räder

Dipl.oec.troph. Ulla (born in 1960) is responsible for kitchen, office, interior and exterior marketing, sales, creation offers package deals. She also advise about Reharmony and Bach Flowers. As a member of Vinissima and Slow food, she is always happy to provide information about pleasurable taste experiences “all around wine” and explains the effect of their feel-good wine “ULRUBERA”.

Rüdiger Räder

The wine maker (born in 1958) and wine and culture ambassador is responsible for cultivating the vineyards, the farm garden and the wine tours. Only the best grapes are vinified and bottled and sold to private customers, specialized trade and gastronomy.

Philipp Räder

The viticulture technician (born in 1989) provides many new ideas, which he converts in vineyard and cellar. Since the 2013 harvest, he offers vegan and organic wines. The design of the wine lines lies in his hands. He is also and member of “Mainzer Weinsalon”, a regional a regional association of young wine makers.

Alexandra Räder, born Schertenleib

Philipp´s wife (born in 1991) holds a Bachelor´s degrees in business administration and works in Mainz. In her leisure time she supports the family business with presentations and wine sales.

Anna Marie Räder

Daughter Anna (born in 1991) studied law in Heidelberg and works as legal counsel in a company. In her leisure time she supports the family with the guest assistance, wine-selling and at wine festivals.