Gib hier deine Überschrift ein

Dear wine lovers,

finally it is here! Spring with its sunshine, fresh air and tulips, daffodils and flower buds. In the vineyard, the bending and tying up of the vines is finished and the tilling of the soil is on the agenda. The garden wants to be worked. And in the winery the first guests move into the new barrier-free guest rooms.

Bring spring into your home and discover our wine packages suitable for Easter:

Wine package “F1- Spring 2023″:

– 3 fl. Cuveé Johanna B. feinherb 0,75 L

– 3 fl. Weißer Burgunder dry 0,75 L

– 3 fl. Dulce Villum white wine sweet 0,75 L

– 3 fl. Saint Laurent dry 0,75 L

Price: 78,00 EUR incl. shipping within Germany


Wine package “F2- Freshly bottled”:

– 3 Fl. 2022 Flomborner Rosé medium dry

– 3 Fl. 2022 Ober-Flörsheimer Gewürztraminer dry

– 3 bottles 2022 Bacchus medium dry

– 3 Fl. 2022 Spätburgunder blanc de noir dry

Price: 80,00 EUR incl. shipping within Germany


And for the upcoming asparagus season we recommend our wine package “F3: Spargelzeit”:

– 6 fl. 2022 Asparagus Love

– 3 fl. 2022 Flomborner Rosé medium dry

– 3 Fl. 2021 Pinot Blanc dry

Price: 78,00 EUR incl. shipping within Germany
This package is available at the beginning of April!


You are welcome to order by phone, email or via our online store. There you will also find all our vegan organic wines and sparkling wines as well as the wine packages.

We personally deliver to wine customers from Chemnitz and the surrounding area. Please order until Tuesday, 28.03.23. Then you will receive your delivery around 30. 3.2023.

Perhaps you will also take advantage of the Easter promotion:


Easter promotion from now until Easter Sunday (24.03.-09.04.2023):

Order at least 54 bottles of organic wine or sparkling wine (0.75l bottles), you will receive an immediate discount of 20 €, as well as a freight-free delivery within Germany.


How about a visit to our organic winery?
We are very much looking forward to your visit. A short advance notice would be nice!

Perhaps you will visit us on the weekend of June 3 + 04, 2023.
As part of the Rheinhessen Open Garden Days, our open house will take place on these days!

Celebrate with us on these days from 11:00 am to 6:00 pm!

As special highlights you can expect:

On both days:
– Vernissage with paintings by Philipp Weber, Galerie Farbenreich, Kirchheimbolanden
– Great tasting of our vegan organic wines in the Gutshaus
– Lunch with delicacies from the manor kitchen
– Coffee and cake
– Guided tours through the organic winery and the garden
And on Sunday from 12:00 noon
– Live music by Pineapple Jukebox from Alzey, known from the Alzeyer Winzerfest.



Furthermore planned:
Dates in Flomborn:
– June 25, 2023: Day of the open garden door
– September 24, 2023: Autumn festival at the winery/ autumn market in Flomborn
– December 15, 2023: After-work mulled wine in the cross vault


Wine festivals, wine tastings, Christmas markets:
– Chemnitz Wine Festival: July 21 – August 13, 2023.

– Bielefeld Wine Festival: September 5-10, 2023

– Winter wine tasting in Chemnitz: November 11 + 12, 2023

– Langen Christmas Market: December 01 – 03 + December 08 – 10, 2023


We look forward to seeing you again soon!

Have a good time and best regards

Family Bernhard-Räder

Spring is coming!

Dear wine friends,

After many of us have celebrated Mardi Gras, the time after Ash Wednesday now begins. For some also the time of alcohol fasting.

To sweeten the time for them we have put together a package:

Package: “T-1: Lent 2023”:

6 bottles of red organic grape juice from Regent, and 6 bottles of white organic grape juice from Scheurebe from our Goldberg vineyards.

Pure or splashed with mineral water, they are a delicious and isotonic pleasure, especially during Lent.

Special price: 43,00 € incl. shipping in Germany


For all those who think: “Good wine belongs to life” we have another package:

In this package we have packed the young, fine fruity, and elegant organic wines of the 2022 vintage.

You can try this variety in the new wine package “F1: Spring 2023″.
It includes:

– 3 fl. 2022 Riesling dry, 1.0 l bottles.

– 3 fl. 2022er Flomborner Bacchus semi-dry 0,75l-bottle

– 3 bottles 2022er Ober-Flörsheimer Gewürztraminer dry 0,75l-bottle

– 3 bottles 2022er Goldberg Sauvignon blanc dry 0,75l-bottle

Special price: 85,00 € incl. shipping in Germany.


Last year we were able to build three more guest rooms. And the special: They are barrier-free! So we can finally welcome guests with handicap and young families who need more space and ground level conditions.

These new guest rooms are located in the bungalow in the middle of the garden, which we now call the “Garden House”. So now you can enjoy our rooms and apartments in the guest house or garden house. Is this a reason to visit us again?

Or visit us at one of our events:

For June we have planned:

Hoffest: Open House & Open Garden Days.

Saturday, 03 June 2023 from 14:00

  • Great vintage tasting
  • Art exhibition
  • Lunch, coffee + cake

From 17:00 Live music with PINEAPPLEJUKEBOX

Sunday, 04 June 2023 11:00 a.m. to 6:00 p.m.

  • Great vintage tasting
  • Guided tours through garden, vaults, cellar and manor house
  • Art exhibition
  • Lunch
  • Coffee + cake

These days “replace” our Open House, which used to be always on May 1.


Three weeks later, the Garden Open House will be held:

Sunday, June 25, 2023 11:00 a.m. to 6:00 p.m.

  • Wine bar in the courtyard
  • Grilled sausage + pretzels with bung cheese
  • coffee + cake
  • Guided tours through the garden, vaults, cellar and manor house


We look forward to seeing you in person!


To brighten up your spring season, we offer you the following deal, valid from Ash Wednesday, 02/22/2023 to the beginning of spring 03/20/2023:

From an order value of 150.00 € you will receive in the online store at with the code: FRÜHLING23 a discount of 5%.




P.S. On 04.03.23 we are in the Chemnitz area. There we bring your order also gladly personally past.


Best regards from Flomborn in Rheinhessen,

Family Bernhard-Räder


Year in review, Christmas greeting and thank you 2022

Dear wine friends,
a special year comes to an end and we look back:

January- March: pruning is on the agenda. The 2021 wines are filled. We are planning a new project: the “love of asparagus”.

April- June: Bending and soil work are the order of the day in the vineyards. Finally we are allowed to celebrate again the “Open Day” on May 01.
And this celebration uses our son/grandson Carl around, to come on the world. We are very happy about his birth!
Also the open garden day can take place.

July-August: Time to celebrate! The people of Chemnitz celebrate in the most beautiful summer weather
for 24 days! The hot summer makes our vineyards hard. The months-long drought sometimes causes sunburn on the grapes.
Our freshly planted vines have to be watered to prevent them from drying out.

September: We start harvesting the first grapes. Despite the drought we can harvest good qualities in the vineyard!
The wine festivals in Bielefeld and immediately afterwards in Seligenstadt take place! It starts to rain.

October: The first young wines ferment diligently! On October 2, we wanted to read the last grapes at the grape harvest festival. But it rains!
A few days later we finish the harvest. We are very pleased with the new vintage, despite the heat in summer and wetness in autumn!

November: For the winter wine tasting in Chemnitz we can present our vegan organic wines in the Ratsstuben.
Our big rebuilding and renovation work in the courtyard in Flomborn is finished. Philipp, Alexandra and Carl move into their new home.

December: We go again to Langen to the Christmas market and create the Feierabend-Glühwein in Flomborn.
And then comes the contemplative time! We are looking forward to the Christmas goose and a special celebration with the family.

We thank you for the trustful cooperation, the great conversations and your purchase.
We wish you a Merry Christmas and a good start into 2023!

Best regards from Flomborn in Rheinhessen,

Family Bernhard-Räder

P.S. From 05.01.2023 you can reach us again.